The Mad Dogs Mannheim in Germany operate hockey clubs at various levels all the way down to youth teams for 7 and 8 year olds, as well as various training programs.

The Fergus Force and Mannheim will cooperate to develop and promote players for the benefit both our clubs, coordinating player movement when players are at the appropriate level, will discuss opportunities to conduct tryout camps in each country, and even the possibility to arrange playing tours for our club teams.

club profile

The Eichenkreuz Union (EKU) was founded in 1972 and initially comprised the departments of handball, karate and tennis. In 1995, the recently established ice hockey senior team “MadDogs” joined the EKU. For the season 97/98, the senior team fulfilled a long-term dream and founded today’s youth department, the “MadDogs Kids”. In this short period of time, both the youth and the elderly sector have received a response which has never been considered possible, so we now count around 300 active members in 12 playing teams, the running school and the Girlie project:

¤ 1st team
¤ 2.
Team ¤ Senior Citizens 1b
¤ Youth (U19)
¤ Students (U16)
¤ Boys (U14)
¤ Small Students (U12)
¤ Small Students (U10)
¤ Mini (U8)
¤ Running School
¤ Mad Dogs Women
¤ Mad Dogs Women 1B
¤ Mad Dogs Girlies

The Ice skating is, of course, the basis for ice-skating, which is learned in the so-called “Laufschule”. There are children from 4 to 10 years old, and, of course, fun and games are the main focus. If the children have learned basic skills, they will enter the respective playing teams. The youngest team are the so-called Mini (U8). The children of this age group take part in a tournament round of the ice sports federation Baden Württemberg (EBW) Where you can compete on 8 tournaments with the clubs of the country. Only a third of the ice surface is crossed with simplified rules. Also international tournaments (in Holland or Switzerland, for example) are visited. The next group of the MadDogs, called Kleinstschüler (U10), also plays in a league tournament of the EBW with tournament mode. The opponents come from all over Baden-Württemberg, to Schwenningen and Ravensburg go the journeys. Participation in international tournaments (such as in Frankfurt) round off the season program. Also the younger age classes Bambini (U12 Kleinschüler), boys (U14), pupils (U16) and youth (U18) participate in the league round in Baden Württemberg. The teams are supervised by licensed coaches, who, like all “makers”, are volunteers at MadDogs. During the season, the MadDogs’ team will participate in the association’s game business this season and will start in the Reionalliga Baden Württemberg, where the advancing junior players will increasingly be integrated. The women compete with 2 teams, one in the Bundesliga, the 1b team in the Landesliga Baden Württemberg.

The MadDogs round off the profile of your club, which has something to offer all age levels and performance levels.

Please check out their site for more information, but be ready to hit the ‘translate page’ button for an English language version, and stay tuned of updates as our clubs’ relationship grows and programs are announced.