Commitment to Development

The Fergus Force Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club commitment:

Signing a GMHL Registration card with the Fergus Force Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club represents a commitment from the player (with required parental authorization for players under the age of 18 years) to participate as a member of the Fergus Force Hockey Club for one full season of play in the GMHL, adhering to all Code of Conduct rules and regulations, and all financial obligations established .

As such, the Fergus Force Hockey Club offers the following commitment in adhering to our philosophy of player development:


-> NO CUT / NO TRADE – This policy will provide confidence to the player and their parents that we will do everything in our power to develop the player to the best of our ability, regardless of the player’s productivity and improvement.  You will have confidence that the player will be able to enjoy his experience without fear of changing teams, changing circumstances, changing locations, changing billet homes, etc.  Because of this commitment on the part of the team, the player and parents must understand and acknowledge they will complete the season with our team, and fulfill their financial obligation.

Please note:  Players may only be removed from the team for Code of Conduct violations, including use of illegal drugs, violation of law and criminal behaviour, or failure to provide payment of fees.  Players MAY NOT be removed from the team for poor statistics or results.


-> PLAYING OPPORTUNITIES – We guarantee all of our players the opportunity to play regular shifts, gain experience on special teams, and be placed in critical game situations.  While it is acknowledged that a team must require players to earn ice time with a strong work ethic and training regimen, our philosophy of player development takes precedence over winning at all costs!  Every team will lean on their better and more experienced players in some of these critical situations, or in the last moments of a close game, but everyone will have those opportunities throughout the course of the season.  Those who prove themselves more capable in the latter stages of the season or in the playoffs will be counted on when winning starts to have a greater purpose, but there will no restrictions on those opportunities for any player.  It is our mission to provide all of our players that experience throughout the year with plenty of playing time in order to improve in the hopes of becoming that ‘go-to’ player!  After all, learning what it takes to win, and striving to win championships is a skill that also must be developed.



Please Note:  15 and 16 year old players are required to dress for all games as per league rules (illness, injury or suspension notwithstanding)