Latest News: International Scouts; Coaches Interviews; Force Fitness Facility; TheGrand 101 Interview

-> The Force are pleased to announce that agreements have been reached with two new scouts that will be recruiting players for the Force this upcoming season.

Alex Birbraer, father of former AHLer and New Jersey Devils draft pick Max, will be looking to find quality athletes in Kazakhstan, while former international goaltender Lev Genin will be doing the same in Israel.

-> President Marshall Uretsky, who will attending the Mayor’s Breakfast Wednesday, which is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, has upcoming interviews this week with coaching candidates, and hopes to find the right men for the job very soon.

-> The Force are also pleased to announce that an agreement in principle has been reached with Forge Team training facility to coordinate our team’s training and fitness testing regimens.

-> The team continues to reach out to local businesses with several sponsorship options, and so far the response has been excellent.  Considering we’re trying to include several local players on our roster at a discount, we’re pushing the basic level of $250. to smaller size businesses for Two Regular Season Tickets, a program ad, and website ad-link, and hope to attract at least 100 sponsors at this level to offset that discount!  Please see the sponsorship pages for more information.

COOL STUFF:  Mr. Uretsky was invited to The Grand 101 last week to chat on last week’s Swap Talk with Rob Dutton and McKimmer Rogers, and has been invited back on a regular basis throughout the next several months leading to the start of our inaugural season.  Stay tuned!



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